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2023    Fix Up Look Sharp, Northern Contemporary, Toronto, ON

2022    Sorority, Satellite, London, ON

2022    Twentytwenty Arts, Toronto, ON

2022    Ultraliminal, Blitz Gallery, Toronto, ON

2021    Solo Exhibition at Louie Craft Coffee, Toronto, ON

2021    Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, Toronto, ON

2021    Fort York Exhibition, Toronto, ON

2021    GradEx 106, OCAD University, Toronto, ON

2021    Major Works Exhibition, OCAD University, Toronto, ON

2021    Helloart Gallery, Toronto, ON

2021    DIGIPHY Gallery, online

2021    Canadian Illustrators, online

2019    Ice Gallery, online 


2023    Issue Forty-Two, So Young Magazine, EU

2023    Issue Two, Circe Magazine, Edmonton, AB

2022    Opinion, New York Times, US

2022    No.7, SOFT Magazine, US

2022    Cats, DITO Publishing, Rome

2022    Spring issue, Pitt MagazinePittsburgh, US

2022    18th issue: CHANGE, Polemical Zine, Toronto, ON

2022    The Shallot, The Layered Onion, Toronto, ON

2021    Opaline Magazine, Toronto, ON


2022    The curator's club journal- meet the artist, Toronto, ON

2022    Michael Highway – Blanched, The Layered Onion, ON

Professional Experience

2021    Tutorial Leader Teaching Assistant, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada 

2021    Graphic Designer, Origin Art, Toronto, Canada

2021    Art Instructor, Focus Academy, Toronto, Canada 

2021    Resident, Artasiam, Montreal, Canada

2020    Group Project Participant, Collaboration Mural Workshop, OCAD University

2019    Junior Art Editor, SHI6 Firm, Toronto, Canada

2019    Junior Art Editor, OQUIRE Studio, Toronto, Canada


2021    BDes, Illustration, OCAD University, Toronto, ON